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Midland Christian Academy offers an excellent Christian and academic education. Our curriculum integrates Biblical truth into all subjects. All classes use the Abeka curriculum. Abeka was developed and refined over a 45-year period in the classrooms of Pensacola Christian Academy now known as Pensacola Christian College. Today, Abeka continues to develop and provide an excellent education from a Christian perspective.

At Midland Christian Academy, your child's dreams are nurtured and developed through our classical, cross-curricular education that encourages innovative, creative, and critical thinking. Children are treated with love and dignity and inspired to reach their fullest potential. Through individualized instruction from our outstanding faculty, students learn experientially and develop at their own pace in a nurturing, family-like environment.

Additional materials such as library books, internet, digital media, and supplemental field trips are utilized to provide a varied educational experience. 

Midland Christian Academy is consistently able to offer an average of 7:1 student/teacher ratio. 

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